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120 €


    Age:18 - 20
    Höhe:I am 1,62 Meter tall
    Sprache:English, German
    Offer For:Men, Women, Couple
    Hair Color:black
    Bra:70 C
    Service:Sex, Kissing, Girlfriendsex, Anal, Dildo games
    Phone:+49 (0)151 179 807 13
    Mobility:fixed address visitable, house visits in region

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+49 (0)151 179 807 13
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Hot and sexy Alesia wants to present her passion to some strong and confident man. She dreams to meet a person, who will be able to amaze and surprise her. This girl is indeed very special. She is sensitive, easy-going, and calm. Alesia does not have any problems in communicating with others. On the contrary, she is peaceful, has a sense of humor and curiosity. She also likes to ask different questions about the world. This gorgeous woman is always the soul of the company, and it is known that those around her love and respect her very much for her cheerful disposition. She is confident enough; as a result, she will not commit rash acts.

Alesia is an intelligent woman, who is devoid of any cunning thoughts. She is sincere with the surrounding people, because she believes that it is better to say truth, even if it is hard to hear. In general, she is an active personality, full of the desire to achieve some success in her life. The best qualities of her character are usually revealed in an extreme situation, when she makes the right decisions in the shortest possible time. By the way, Alesia is the great generator of ideas, who likes to inspire and fascinates others. Moreover, she is able to adapt to any new situation without problems. She is not afraid of experiments and likes to take risks in this life. Forget about boredom and everyday routine when you are with this stunning girl. Do you want to become the happiest man on the earth? Then, Alesia will do everything for you!

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