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90 €


    Age:21 - 30
    Höhe:I am 1,67 Meter tall
    Nationality:East European
    Offer For:Men, Women, Couple
    Hair Color:black
    Bra:75 B
    Service:Sex, Kissing, Girlfriendsex, Anal, Dildo games
    Phone:+49 (0)151 179 807 13
    Mobility:fixed address visitable, house visits in region

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+49 (0)151 179 807 13
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Caro is a dream girl. She may be a good friend and a passionate lover. She is indeed very calm, responsible, easy-going, and does not cause any trouble. It is quite easy to agree with her, and therefore there are almost never conflicts in her life. By her nature, a girl named Caro is quite communicative, and therefore, she does not experience any problems in communicating with even unfamiliar people. She has many friends, almost no ill-wishers. She enjoys respect, authority and love of society, never being alone.

In life, Caro greatly appreciates stability, and to any changes, on the contrary, treats with caution. If there are small problems, she prefers to solve them, rather than doing it all over again. It is interesting that, feeling sympathy for someone; she will take the initiative and will not wait until the man himself will pay attention to her. Besides, she is committed to creativity and does not do it in vain. She is also persistent and always achieves a success. She goes straightly to her goal, seeing no obstacles in the way to it. Caro is very careful and lovable person. For her beloved ones, she will try to do everything to help them in a difficult moment. Another thing is that there are not so many real friends in her life, because she has a great fear to be disappointed and betrayed. Therefore, she does not let anyone into her personal life. However, if she does this, then a person can count on her help and support.

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