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90 €


    Age:31 - 40
    Höhe:I am 1,71 Meter tall
    Sprache:English, German, Russian
    Nationality:East European
    Offer For:Men, Women
    Hair Color:red
    Bra:75 B
    Service:Sex, Kissing, Girlfriendsex, Dildo games
    Phone:+49 (0)151 179 807 13
    Mobility:fixed address visitable, house visits in region

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+49 (0)151 179 807 13
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Cherie is always the winner. The first place is the most important factor for her. She is persistent and sees her goal without any boundaries. She is exactly that person, you are looking for. Among her positive features, there are pride and independence. Cherie greatly values ​​her reputation, will keep it even under adverse circumstances. She is not able to pretend, lie, or gossip. She is also pragmatic and sensible, pondering each step and weighing all the pros and cons. In general, it is easy to communicate with her; she can listen to the opinions of others and give a good piece of advice. This beautiful girl is an optimist and does not tolerate people who are hypocritical.

In her character obviously dominates such features as sociability, sharpened self-esteem, and bordering on self-centeredness. In some situations, she is cunning and cautious. It is also worth noting that she will never cross the moral standards or ignore the rules if she knows that this will help her to achieve the set goals. Cherie surrounds herself with successful and confident people. She hates routine, because it plunges her into despair. That is why, she needs a constant change of impressions and situation. In general, she prefers to solve all problems independently. At the same time, when Cherie does not cope with the problem, she begin to ask anyone for help. In addition, she is a talented, intelligent person. Indeed, Leonidas is able to acquire knowledge with astonishing speed. Cherie manages to make a favorable impression on many people.  Surely, she will charm you too.

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