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90 €


    Age:21 - 30
    Höhe:I am 161 Meter tall
    Sprache:English, German
    Nationality:East European
    Offer For:Men, Women, Couple
    Hair Color:black
    Bra:70 B
    Service:Sex, Kissing, Girlfriendsex, Dildo games
    Phone:+49 (0)151 179 807 13
    Mobility:fixed address visitable, house visits in region

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+49 (0)151 179 807 13
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Beautiful Rita enjoys her life and takes everything from it. She is very versatile person. The main quality of her character may be considered as a straightness. The lack of sensitivity in her nature can also lead to some problems, but Rita tries to maintain normal relations with others and learns how to restraint. In addition, she can be too impulsive and act under the influence of impulses, about which she will later regret. Rita can be quite touchy and take bayonets even the most innocuous jokes. You should be careful with criticizing the actions and qualities of this girl – she does not like it, even if a person says the right and constructive things.

In general, Rita is a talented person. In the society, she enjoys authority, and therefore, without problems, can occupy leadership positions. The main thing is that she does not need to back away from the ideas she proclaims. Rita tries to do everything in life as quickly as possible. Having set a goal, she wants to achieve it in the shortest possible time, although this, of course, is impossible. However, she does not see any obstacles before her and goes straightly to her dreams. She perfectly draws, composes poems and independently recites them. She also prefers to hide from the realities of modern life, which sometimes plunge her into despair. Rita likes to spend time in an interesting company. She hates loneliness and cannot bear dull people. After meeting with Rita, all your thoughts and wishes will be concerned only about her. She will make you happy.

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